Try Talking to your Customers

Social Media has taken over the world.  But, is it a personal convenience, a new way of marketing, a more expedient way of communicating or is it an obsession?  Gadgets and widgets, apps for just about everything, QR codes, free wifi is now an advertised come-on, tweet ups, tweet outs, like buttons and communities full of friends most of whom you wouldn’t recognize if you bumped into them on the street.  Increasingly, social media is being viewed as a rude and often invasive or unsafe addiction.  A recent article in MACLEAN'S Magazine suggested that an amazing number of twenty somethings thought it was just fine to text while having sex.  Really!  Can you imagine that conversation?  And, how did the partner feel?

It Pays to Care

There are customers and clients who have given you their loyalty forever. They come back again and again without concern for price.  They believe in you and what you do. 

What have you done for me lately

It’s an old cliché but more true today than ever.  As businesses focus entirely on growth to survive, they often fail to recognize the value of those customers who are the basis of their very existence.  They take us for granted.  They do little or nothing to keep us happy while they do everything to delight a prospective customer or client.  What gives?